Tech - #ClipHanger Trailers
6th grade Technology classes made #ClipHanger Book Trailers in the Clips app. The students used their independent reading books from their ELA class.
Tech - Swiftie Diaries
7th Grade Tech Classes learned Swift concepts and vocabulary using the Playgrounds app. We had our students make Swiftie Diary reflection videos using the Clips app.
MS442 Hour of Code Mashup
Tech - Comp Science - SWAT Lookbook
Photos from Technology & Computer Science Classes and the SWAT Team
Earth Science PRX Podcast
PRX's podcast Orbital Path launched a new project called “Telescope,” where host, Dr. Michelle Thaller, takes on the really big questions in astronomy—from MS 442 8th Grade Earth Science Students
8th Grade Sci - Earth Sci Lookbook
Photos from 8th grade science and Earth Science classes
Stock Market Project
7th Grade Math - Stock Market / Morgan Stanley Project
Shark Tank Project
7th Grade Math Students teamed up to create and present business plans to the MS 442 Shark Tank investor panel
Happy Pi Day!
703's Misha finishes reciting 60 digits of Pi for victory!
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