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How-To Videos for Fall 2020

Set up your NYCDOE account for Zoom, and sign into the NYCDOE account on Zoom.​

If you need help, watch the videos below.

Click here for the first video. The first video walks you through the quick process for getting your username and creating your password. You will need your OSIS/Student ID for this step. Here is the link referenced in this video:

Please remember to write down your username and your password. Be sure to note it as your Zoom account!

Click here for the second video. This video shows you how to check which Zoom account you're using, how to sign out, and how to sign in to the NYCDOE Zoom system.

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Check your Gmail.

Watch this brief video about how to check your Gmail.

Our school uses the Gmail for email, Google Classroom, and Google Docs.

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