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District 15 Admissions:


We're excited to share that after a year of collaborating with parents and guardians, students, school leaders, educators, and community members, District 15 is launching a districtwide plan to increase middle school diversity and equity. As part of this plan, all district middle schools in District 15—including ours—will now use an open admissions method, and some applicants will have priority for 52% of seats at each school. This means:


  • Our school will no longer screen or use applicants’ academic records to evaluate or admit students. If we have more applicants than available seats, we will match with applicants by random selection.

  • We will give the following applicants an admissions priority for 52% of seats at our school: students from low-income households (who qualify for the federal free and reduced price lunch program), students in temporary housing, and English Language Learners.


These changes will be in place for current fifth grade students who will be applying to middle school this fall. This will not affect your ability to select and rank schools or the way in which you can apply to middle schools.

To learn more about the D15 Diversity Plan, visit

Please review the D15 Admissions FAQ Sheet here: (English) (Spanish) (Chinese)


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