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Attendance and Dismissal:


  • In order for your child to attend after school, we need the application form returned to us. If your child’s application is not in by Monday 3/5/18 they will not be able to come to after school until we receive it.


  • Every student attending after school needs to sign in each day with Ms. Kendall, Ms. Tori, or Mr. Jacob, as well as with each respective club leader.

  • If you’re child will be picked up, we need an adult, who you listed on the application, to sign them out. The program expectation is that students stay the whole time from 2:20 – 5:00pm with the following expectations:


a. Please note the school building closes at 6, and all students need to be picked up by then. If you’re child is allowed to walk home we need the consent form attached signed and stating what time they are allowed to leave.

b. Our program ends at 5 but if your child can leave at 3 or 4 please state so. If you want your child to stay to 5 but an exception will be made for specific days, please inform Ms. Kendall or Ms. Tori the day of. If your child leaves before the time allowed without us hearing from you we will call or text to confirm that this is ok.

c. Before your child leaves they need to inform, Ms. Kendall, Ms. Tori, or Mr. Jacob.


  • If your child is out from school for the day they will not be able to attend after school.


  • If your child will not be present for after school please communicate this with us.


Behavioral Consequences Protocol:


If your child is not keeping themselves safe, or keeping others safe they can be Suspended from the after school program.


  • Because this can look different for every kid, we will first have a conversation and re-establish expectations.

  • If after that conversation they are still struggling to keep safe, then a parent or guardian will be called to pick their child up.

  • If they are not able to be picked up they will be kept separate from the rest of the group.

  • If the child is in jeopardy of being suspended you will be notified promptly. We will schedule a meeting with you and staff to come up with a plan for re- entry.


These new policies are to help ensure everyone is kept safe and for the program to run smoothly. Please be patient with us during this process. We will have a grace period from 2/26-3/2/18 to help everyone transition. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us, we are always available by phone or email.


Thank you for your time and patience, and we look forward to continuing working with you are your families.


-The MS 442 Wediko Team

Tel: 646-689-4026



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