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MS 442 School for Innovation exemplifies 21st century education in New York City’s public schools. We use a mastery-based structure and our students are encouraged to engage in groups to develop solutions through inquiry, collaboration and questioning, supported by technology.


Letter from Chancellor Richard Caranzza

September 18, 2020
Dear Families,
I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. I am writing to you today with an important update on the start of
As you know, for months we have been preparing to reopen our school buildings. Thanks to all of you and everything you
have done over the last six months, the city’s low infection rate makes us the only major city in the country able to
welcome our children back to our schools for in-person learning. 
Just as you have done everything necessary to reduce the COVID-19 infection rate, we have made a pledge to you that we
would put health and safety first. That is what we have done – inspecting tens of thousands of classrooms for proper
ventilation; distributing millions of masks, bottles of hand sanitizers and cases of cleaning supplies; prioritizing students
and staff for expedited COVID-19 testing; developing a swift testing, quarantine, and tracing protocol anytime we might
see COVID-19 activity in our schools; and more.
We must continue living up to that pledge as we get closer to opening our buildings, knowing that this year demands more
supplies, more staff, more space, more inspections, and more training. To do that, we have some new updates on the
school calendar to announce.
All students will still begin full-time instruction on Monday, September 21. School buildings will reopen to our students
in blended learning (in-person in schools some days of the week, and remotely from home other days of the week) on a
phased basis, detailed below. Here is the updated calendar for the start of the 2020-21 school year:
 Children enrolled in fully remote programs will still begin full-day instruction on Monday, September 21.
 Children in blended learning (in-person in schools some days of the week, and remotely from home other days of
the week) will be learning remotely beginning Monday, September 21 until their in-person start date as outlined
below. Please reach out to your child’s school if you have questions about when your child should report
according to their blended learning schedule.
Blended Learning Students Enrolled In: In-Person Learning Begins On:
Grades 3K and Pre-K (in any school type/grade configuration) Monday 9/21
District 75 (all grades) Monday 9/21
By School Type:
Students enrolled in
 Elementary Schools (K-5 and K-8) (includes students in grades 6-8
in K-8 Schools)
Tuesday 9/29
Students enrolled in:
 Middle Schools (Grades 6-8)
 High Schools (Grades 9-12)
 Secondary Schools (Grades 6-12)
 Transfer Schools, Adult Education, Evening Schools, Alternate
Learning Centers
Thursday 10/1
Less Common School Types/Configurations
 Students enrolled in K-2 and K-3 Schools Tuesday 9/29
 Students enrolled in K-12 Schools Tuesday 9/29
I know this is a last-minute change. This crisis has demanded so much flexibility and patience from you and your children
since the beginning, and I am in awe of how you have risen to meet the challenges and uncertainty this pandemic has
presented. Everything we do is to try to provide stability and certainty, while protecting the health and safety of our city.
I am deeply grateful every day for each of you, and the commitment you have shown to your children and this city.
So many of you have told us how eager you are to reconnect with your school communities – I know I am excited for that
as well. We believe this extra time will help make sure that all schools and all educators are in the best position to deliver
a strong, safe, and supportive environment for teaching and learning to take place.
I always say that New York City has the best students, staff, and families in the world, and nothing will ever change
that—no matter when, where, and how we are learning.
Thank you for everything you do. 
Richard A. Carranza
New York City Department of Education

Pod Switches

Sept 16, 2020


Hello MS442 Families


This email is for 7th and 8th grade families with children in blended learning.  All other families can disregard this message, I’m sorry for the email clutter. 


We needed to make some pod switches in the 7th and 8th grade.  We recognize how frustrating it can be to you and your family and we hope this might be the final switch before the start of the school year.  The largest changes are in pods 7A1, 7A3,8A1, 8A3, 8B1, and 8B3.


Please use this link again to view your child’s pod.


Thank you

Important Informational Letter from Principal Mills

September 10, 2020

Dear Families,

We are excited to greet your children for the first day of school on, Monday, September 21!  We are getting ready to have a wonderful school year despite the limitations that have been placed upon us all.  On September 16-18, students will have a short orientation to meet their teachers, get familiar with the way they will be learning, new school protocols, and to engage in activities to start forming a strong school community.  Your child will be able to join the orientations through our website,, and clicking on a new tool in development called, The Switchboard.  The Switchboard will serve as the central location for your child to engage in their classes whether they are remote-only or learning at home on a day their cohort is not in the school building.  

I also want to make sure everyone is aware that MS 442 is having an informational Zoom meeting on Monday, September 14, at 6 p.m.  We will send out a link to the meeting Monday afternoon so please check your emails. Nest families will receive an additional Zoom meeting later in the week, details will be forthcoming.  

Finally, we have made a tool for families to access information about your child’s cohort, pod grouping, and a link to your child’s school schedule to help families in their planning.  Sixth grade students will also receive their child’s email address and password.  The password is case-sensitive (starts with a capital ‘C’) and Mr. Ballot, our Technology teacher, will review how to access and use their email and help them to change their passwords during the first week of school.

You can access the tool by heading over to and scrolling down to the “News and Announcements” box.  After entering your email and your child’s student id/OSIS number provided by the DOE, you will receive an email with the information.   Use their pod name to find their daily schedule.  You can also click this link to access the tool directly:

Pods are in a delicate balance and full. Please understand requests to move your child cannot be granted at this time.

Thank you for all of your support and patience.  It has been one the most difficult summers we have ever experienced but we will be ready for a wonderful school year. 



CEC15 Virtual Town Hall with Chancellor Carranza/CEC15 Asamblea Virtual con el Canciller Carranza

Attention Parents!

The District 15 Community Education Council Presents:
with Chancellor Richard A. Carranza

All District 15 parents are urged to attend!
Wednesday, September 16

6:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m.
Please register for this event at the following link,
Don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Issues and concerns
for District 15 will be addressed.
English Conference Line: Dial 888 475 4499 (Toll Free) and enter Webinar ID: 835 9700 6395
Spanish Conference Line: Dial 888-475-4499 (Toll Free) and enter PIN 735-255-0102
Mandarin Conference Line: Dial 888-475-4499 (Toll Free) and enter PIN 933-059-6663

Letters from Chancellor Carranza



Sept 8, 2020

Dear Families,

As we approach the start of the school year, everyone at the New York City Department of Education is laser-
focused on delivering a high-quality education that puts your child’s health, safety, and emotional wellbeing first

this fall. An education that creates a new standard of excellence for learning from any location. An education that
will prepare your children to thrive—today, tomorrow, next year, and for the rest of their lives.
I want to share with you that full-day learning for all students will begin on Monday, September 21. A few days
before that, beginning on Wednesday, September 16 through Friday, September 18, all students and teachers will
engage remotely for a partial-day instructional transition and orientation to help students reconnect to school.
Taking this time will help ensure all children are ready to learn and succeed.
In this letter, we include updates on what that teaching and learning will look like. You will find additional
information on how our schools will support every student every day—whether they are participating in fully
remote or blended learning (in which they are learning in school buildings for part of the week, and remotely for
the rest of the week).
Read the Reopening Update for Families below to find more information on:
 How your child will learn at home: Live interaction and lessons with teachers, and projects that
students complete on their own
 Who will be teaching your child in blended or fully remote learning
 How to stay informed on confirmed COVID-19 cases in your school community
If you have questions regarding the information in this letter, please contact your principal. Principal information
is on each school’s web page at, in the “School Contacts and Information” section. You can find
the page for your child’s school on our website using Find a School: And as always,
all information regarding back to school can be found at
You have heard me say that New York City has the best, strongest, most committed students, staff, and families
anywhere. Every day, you continue to prove that true beyond any shadow of a doubt. I want to reaffirm our pledge

to take absolutely every precaution to keep your children healthy and safe. And to ensure they receive the high-
quality education they deserve no matter how or where they are learning.

I am so excited to welcome all our children and educators back to their school communities soon!

Richard A. Carranza
New York City Department of Education

Reopening Update for Families: September 4, 2020
This information and additional details can be found at our school reopening webpage
at to help you prepare for the upcoming school year.
How Will My Child Learn at Home?
Whether learning remotely from home part of the week or every day, students will receive remote instruction in
two different ways: live interaction (sometimes referred to as “synchronous instruction”) with teachers, and
independent learning (sometimes referred to as “asynchronous instruction”), which includes assignments,
projects, or recorded video lessons. Let us explain what that means:
Live interaction means that your student will interact with their teacher on video, phone, live chat, virtual app,
or another digital mode in real time. The teacher may be interacting with the whole class, small groups, or
individual students. It can be done over Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or other DOE-approved video
or phone conferencing or digital platforms. It includes:
 Class Lessons;
 Office Hours to connecting in real time with teachers to get individual or small group help with
instruction or instructional activities;
 Social-emotional wellness activities such as sharing circles or mindfulness exercises; or
 Feedback discussions with students and families about their work and progress via video or phone.
 Other “live participation” activities, such as chat, offered by the digital platform used by educators
during lessons.
At the beginning of the school year, here are the target amounts we are asking all schools to engage their
students in live interaction and instruction each day:
 Students in 3-K and Pre-K programs: up to 30 minutes
 Students in kindergarten through grade 2: 65 to 95 minutes
 Students in grades 3–5: 90 to 110 minutes
 Middle school students in grades 6–8: 80 to 100 minutes
 High school students in grades 9–12: 100 to 120 minutes
The amount of time devoted to live instruction will increase each month for all grades as the school year
progresses to allow students and teachers to gradually transition. Scheduled times will be posted so that students
and staff alike can plan for engagement.
Independent learning means your student will work on their own with assignments, projects, and materials
provided by their teachers. This might include:
 Video lessons or presentations recorded previously
 Activities, assignments or tasks that build on lessons from previous days
 Collaborative projects and assignments with classmates
 Discussion boards and conversation, feedback, or guidance from teachers over email

Who Will Be Teaching My Child?
Your child will have a high-quality educator leading their education, no matter where they’re learning.
Instruction may look a little bit different in every school, reflecting the specific needs of the school community,
but here is what you can generally expect:
For Students in Blended Learning
Blended learning refers to a combination of on-site, in-person instruction at the school some days of the week,
and remote instruction at home on remaining days.
Your child may have different teachers for on-site and remote learning. Those teachers will work closely
together in pairs or teams to create meaningful and connected learning experiences. For example, a student may
begin a project in person and then continue to work on it while remote.
During the remote portion of blended learning, your child will regularly be with the same group of students with
whom they attend in person.
For Students in Full-Time Remote Learning
Where possible, students engaging in full-time remote learning will be taught by teachers from their own
school. Teachers will regularly meet with the same group of students on specific days.
How to Stay Informed on Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Your School Community
It’s important that your school can reach you to share crucial information quickly, including alerts about
confirmed COVID-19 cases in your child’s school. Please sign up for a NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) so we
can contact you via phone, email, or text message. With NYCSA, you can access your child’s grades, test
scores, schedules, transportation information, and more—from anywhere, and in all nine standard DOE
language translations. If you don’t have an account, sign up today at It only takes five

Important Reminders and Links

Sept 7, 2020

Hello MS 442 Families/Guardians


-We are asking for families to get their child signed up for their DOE Student Email accounts if they have not already.  Students will need to use their email accounts to access Zoom.  Please follow the instructions here:

-If you are in need of a device for home use please make sure to fill out the DOES's tech request:

-Blended learning students will have access to tech while in school building.

If you have any tech concerns we are here to help.

-If you want to sign up for remote learning please see link below:

-2020-2021 School Year Calendar

-DOE Updates

Updates on the P-EBT Cards

Sept. 3,  2020


Hi Everyone.


 Updates on the P-EBT Cards:

  • The original ditribution timeline changed. The state will be mailing the 3rd wave (for those who do not receive benefits) September 0ctober.

  • Some cards for those with benefits have been delayed as well. Parents should call the helpline (1-833-452-0096) to check eligibilty, get help with errors or glitches, to find out if/when their card will be sent

  • Improvements have been made to the helpline (1-833-452-0096) with wait times reduced to 10 minutes or less.

  • If you press and hold the language request key (1 for English, 2 for Spanish, etc.) a person should come on the line.

  • Parents can continue to email for assistance--

  • Community Food Advocates has a P-EBT page with all the info and links to their info sessions for parents. The info sessions are also on their Facebook page.

Important Announcement Regarding Back to School

September 1, 2020

Dear Families,
Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza have announced there will be a delay to the start of the school year. 
Starting on Wednesday, September 16, all students will learn remotely for an instructional transition and
orientation period.  For families who chose in-person learning, the start day has been moved to Monday,
September 21. Whether you have chosen remote or hybrid, we are happy to announce that students will be
taught by MS 442 staff members.

Grade Arrival Dismissal
6 8:30am 1:45pm
7 8:35am 1:50pm
8 8:40am 1:55pm
We are all working to ensure this school year is the best it can be for our school community. This is the most
complex start of school New York City has ever faced.  We recognize you may have questions and we plan on
sending out more information for families as we receive further guidance from the Department of Education.
For your planning purposes, we do want to inform you of arrival and dismissal times.

*All students will enter and exit through our main doors.

We want to guarantee all of our students have the best learning experience from the start of the new school
year. We need to be prepared and ensure our student groups are balanced and programmed. We can no
longer accept requests to change hybrid cohorts. In the event of a family emergency that needs to be
discussed, please contact me, If you decide to switch from hybrid to remote, please
email Maria, and complete the DOE survey again.
Our family handbook will be emailed before the start of the school year. This document will offer more
specific information concerning the 20-21 school year.
Thank you and be well,
Noreen Mills

Spanish Family Session with Chancellor Carranza

On behalf of the Office of Family and Community Empowerment (FACE), we are sharing information on an upcoming Spanish Family Session. For any questions on this workshop, please contact Dery Rodriguez from FACE, at (also CC’d here).


Join us at our upcoming Spanish Family Session with Chancellor Richard Carranza. Please share this opportunity  with Spanish speaking families and students in your community!

Family Session with Chancellor Richard Carranza 

When: Tuesday, September 1st

Time: 6PM - 7PM EST

Sign-up here:

What to Expect: Information about the 2020-2021 school year. All information will be presented in Spanish. 



Acompáñenos a la Reunión de familias con el canciller Richard Carranza. Por favor comparta esta oportunidad con familias y estudiantes hispanoparlantes. 
Sesión Informativa Para Familias y Estudiantes Sobre el Regreso a la Escuela

Cuando: Martes, 1 de septiembre 2020

Hora: 6PM a 7PM (hora este) 

Incribase aqui:

Lo que puede esperar: Información sobre año escolar 2020-2021. Toda la información se presentará en español.


Thank you,


Alex Cintron Carrasco

Associate Director of Language Access, Translation & Interpretation Unit

Division of Community Empowerment, Partnerships, and Communications

New York City Department of Education

28-11 Queens Plaza North, Fl. 4 | Long Island City, NY 11101

Learn about the Translation & Interpretation Unit

Connect with us on

Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Back To School Information Session w Chancellor Carranza

August 26,2020


Hello Families,


Please join Chancellor Richard A. Carranza this Thursday, August 27th  at our next Family and Student Information Session on Re-opening.  The session will be held from 6:30pm-8pm and DOE officials will answer questions on Outdoor Learning Policy, curriculum, busing and more.  This is part four of a five-part series, and the last session will be held on Wednesday, September 2nd, on this session our Health Experts will answer questions on Health and Safety and more.


Thursday, August 27, 2020 Information Session


Wednesday, September 2, 2020 Returning to School: The Latest Guidance from our Health Experts


Registration is open for both events and Families can submit questions by completing the online registration form here: 

http​s://  Anyone can access the livestream at the time of the event by accessing this link:​ 

DOE Back to School Link:


Back to School Pledge

Health and Safety Always Come First

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies will be supplied to all schools, and the New York City Department of Education (DOE) will have a 30-day supply on hand at all times – with a hotline for principals to call for immediate resupply for their schools

  • There will be a full-time nurse in every public school building

  • Any school building or room found to have inadequate ventilation will not be used by students or staff

  • Students and staff will practice physical distancing in all school buildings

  • Students will remain in pods for as much of the day as possible

  • Students and staff will wear face coverings throughout the school day; if they do not have them, they will be provided for free

  • We will place hand sanitizer in every classroom

  • City-run testing sites will prioritize free COVID testing and expedited results for school staff; free testing is also available to all students, families, and New Yorkers citywide

  • We are encouraging all DOE employees to be tested monthly

  • NYC Department of Health and Test + Trace Corps will immediately investigate confirmed cases to prevent spread of the virus

  • Schools will communicate with all students and families when there are confirmed cases in schools

  • When necessary, classrooms or school buildings will temporarily close to maintain safety of school communities and prevent spread of the virus

  • School buildings will close if the percentage of positive COVID-19 tests in New York City is 3% or more using a 7-day average—the most aggressive threshold in the nation

NYC Public Schools Will be Cleaned and Disinfected, Day and Night

  • All school buildings will be disinfected overnight, every night

  • High-touch zones will be cleaned multiple times throughout each day

  • Electrostatic disinfectors will clean surfaces daily with zero physical contact

Students Will be Learning Five Days a Week, No Matter What

  • Whether in-person or online, students will study in supportive environments with rigorous academic standards

  • Remote students will interact with their teachers every day

  • Student schedules – both remote and in-person – will be preset and consistent to allow families to plan

  • Academic instruction will integrate social-emotional learning and trauma-informed care to support students holistically

  • Teachers will have time each day to engage one-on-one with students and families

Important Reminders for MS 442 Families/Guardians

August 20, 2020.


Dear MS 442 Families/Guardians,

Hope everyone is well and enjoying summer.

Please see below important links, please click and sign/fill out anything if you have not already.

Thank you for your support.

Be well and safe.


Please subscribe to newsletter as this is where updates, announcements, emails, meetings, important information, fun info will come from. Information that is sent from newsletter/email is also posted on our website:


Online Blue Card:

Customer Support Blue Card:

School Model  Preference Survey:

Rising 8th Grade Families:

The Admissions Office will give out "my school" account numbers in the fall.

Please see Summer Homework Information below:

Summer Homework Access Codes 2020

1. Go to Google Classroom

2. Click the + in the top right corner

3. Select "Join A Class"

4. Enter this code nt7ksfa (Incoming 6th Grade Summer Homework)



1. Go to Google Classroom

2. Click the + in the top right corner

3. Select "Join A Class"

4. Enter this code s36lb5u (Incoming 7th Grade Summer Homework)



1. Go to Google Classroom

2. Click the + in the top right corner

3. Select "Join A Class"

4. Enter this code thdkdc3 (Incoming 8th Grade Summer Homework)

Please contact our PTA if you would like to subscribe to their Konstella App which is an online family community app:

If you feel you have not received information from us please be sure to make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter and check our website as everything is updated on our main home page and summer home page info hub.

FYI Related Service Survey for Families

Dear MS 442 Families/Guardians,

Please review the update shared with families below regarding Supports for Students with Individualized Education Programs:

“The DOE will provide students with disabilities access to in-person instruction during blended learning. If your child's IEP recommends related services, you will soon receive a survey where you will be asked to express your preference for in-person or remote therapy. Upon school opening, your child's school will contact you to discuss your child's specific schedule and make every effort to align your request to available services. The DOE will release additional guidance and information for families of students with disabilities shortly.”




Allen Bibergal


Administrator of Special Education-Community School District 15



Brooklyn North Borough Office

Districts 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 23, 32 & High Schools

131 Livingston Street, Room 503, Brooklyn, NY 11201


FREE FACE Family Workshops Lead by Apple

Good morning Language Access Coordinators,

We are sharing workshop opportunities on behalf of the Office of Family and Community Empowerment (FACE), open to all school staff and families. For any questions on this workshop, please contact Dery Rodriguez from FACE, at


Apple, in partnership with the DOE, is providing a series of sessions to help parents and guardians set up iPads for their children. These sessions will include parental controls, screen time, navigating the device and exploring built-in apps and features. 


There are still workshops this week and next week, so it is not too late to register. To learn more and register, visit:


Please spread the word and let your families, colleagues and communities know about these great AND FREE opportunities.


Upcoming Sessions:

8.19.20 - Staying Organized in iPad

8.20.20 - Parental Controls and Restrictions

8.21.20 - Getting Started in iPad

8.22.20 - Parental Controls and Restrictions

8.22.20 - Getting Started in iPad

8.22.20 - Staying Organized in iPad


Thank you,


Alex Cintron Carrasco

Associate Director of Language Access, Translation & Interpretation Unit

Division of Community Empowerment, Partnerships, and Communications

New York City Department of Education

28-11 Queens Plaza North, Fl. 4 | Long Island City, NY 11101 | (929) 333-6385

Learn about the Translation & Interpretation Unit

Connect with us on

Follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Town Hall Meetings for School Reopening

Hi School Partners, 


Council Member Carlos Menchaca and Community Board 7 will be hosting three town halls for parents on school reopening to ask questions and have their concerns addressed. Each of the three town halls will be in a different language: 


English - Monday, August 24; 5-6:30PM

Spanish - Tuesday, August 25; 5-6:30PM

Chinese (Mandarin) - Wednesday, August 26; 5-6:30PM


We have speakers from Deputy Chancellor La Shawn Robinson's office, Executive Superintendent Karen Watts's office, Executive Superintendent Barbara Freeman's office, and Superintendent Anita Skop's office. See below for language in English, Spanish, and Chinese that you can forward to parents. Please also share the attached flyers and feel free to post on social media. It would be great if you can get this information out in a timely manner. Please let me know if you have questions. 




Ting Lin 林婷

Community Liaison 社区联络员

Office of Council Member Carlos Menchaca 市议员万齐家

New York City Council District 38 纽约市议区38

District Office 区办公室: 718-439-9012 x 104

Email 电邮:




Preparing for Back to School: Council Member Carlos Menchaca and Community Board 7 are hosting a town hall for parents on back to school. Do you have questions about school reopening? Join our office and representatives from DOE as we answer your questions. 


Monday, August 24th; 5-6:30PM


Register here:


Preparándose para el regreso a la escuela: el concejal Carlos Menchaca y junta comunitaria 7 están organizando una reunión para los padres sobre el tema del reinicio del año escolar. ¿Tiene preguntas sobre la reapertura de la escuela? Únase a nuestra oficina y representantes del DOE para responder sus preguntas.


Martes,25 de agosto; 5-6: 30PM


Regístrese aquí:







DOE Updates

Chancellor's Letter to Families

August 17, 2020

Dear Families,

In good times and in challenging times, I know that you want the best for your children. You want them to be safe, healthy, and happy. And you want them to always be learning, growing, and getting ready to take on the world. Our schools play such an important role in that, especially now, when the children of our city have been through so much. For us, health and safety always lead the way. Our vision for the fall is a safe, strong, and supportive learning environment and an excellent education for every one of our students. Schools will be in session and students will be learning five days per week—no matter where they are. We know a lot more now about how the learning experience is going to work. In this week’s Reopening Update for Families, you will find:  The latest health and safety information, including on ventilation, school nurses, and testing and tracing in schools  How to stay informed on confirmed COVID-19 cases in your school community  How families can change their children’s learning preference to/from fully remote learning  What happens if students attend school in-person on a day they are not scheduled to attend  Supports for students with Individualized Education Programs  Supports for students in temporary housing and foster care We know that planning for the new school year isn’t easy—for you, for our educators, for school staff, and for our communities. But I believe that by working together we can start the school year strong. I want to acknowledge the tireless work of your principals and school leaders, who have been hustling all summer to be ready for the first day of school. I also want to thank you. Your partnership has made it possible for us to consider and plan for both in-person and remote learning. Your continued investment and engagement in your school communities is a vital part of ensuring our students’ success not just during this upcoming school year but for years to come. We are privileged to serve you and your children, the young people who not long from now will be the ones leading our city. If you have questions regarding the information in this letter, please contact your principal. You can find principal contact information by searching for your child’s school on Find a School: schoolsearch.scho