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MS 442 High School Process

Frequently Asked Questions

When do students apply to high school?

Applications are due before the first week in December during 8th grade.

Where do I get a High School Directory?

One is given to you at the end of seventh grade. It can also be accessed in several languages on the DOE website. Additional copies are available at the Borough Enrollment Office and at District offices. 

Can my child go to the school that his/her older sibling attends?

If your child's sibling attends a zoned school, then yes. Otherwise, high schools will select students on an individual basis.

How do different schools evaluate my child during the application process?

See audition, educational option, limited unscreened, screened, test and unscreened information.

How do I decide which schools to apply to?

Students should apply to schools that suit their individual needs. Location, size of school, and school focus should be considered. Also, the student should choose schools from among educational option, screened, etc. according to their academic history.

How can I get more information about high school programs and the high school admissions process?

There is a wealth of information on the DOE website.

Be sure to visit the DOE website and as many school open houses and tours as you can so you can make the best decision about your child's future school.

Please be sure to make an appointment with Ms. Ford or Ms. Contrino to discuss your child's individual needs.

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