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School Reopening Details

Important Dates

Monday, September 21

Students sign into their 1st period class at 8:30 AM using their virtual schedule on the Switchboard.

Thursday, October 1

Blended learning begins. Read the Chancellor's letter here.

Blended Learning (combination of in-person and remote)

Model 1B

Our school will follow Model 1B. Please see the chart below.

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 9.45.45 PM.png

Arrival and Departure Times

To ensure social distancing during entry and exit from the building, we will follow the schedule below:

6th Grade - Arrive 8:30 AM - Leave 1:45 PM

7th Grade - Arrive 8:35 AM - Leave 1:50 PM

8th Grade - Arrive 8:40 AM - Leave 1:55 PM

Full-Time Remote Learning

How to access

Students who are participating in the fully remote format will access their daily class meetings from the Learn At Home Switchboard. See the button above. Students will have access to a digital schedule, with links to their Zoom meetings, as well as other resources.

Monday Groups

Each Monday a different cohort is scheduled to attend in person. Here is a list of Mondays and the cohort that comes to school for in person instruction.

Monday Groups

NYC DOE Learning Preferences Timeline

NYCDOE  learning preference dates.PNG

Questions and Answers

What is the uniform policy?

Our uniform policy has changed. You can wear jeans now.

The policy basically requires students to wear a school shirt (either a uniform shirt or official school club/sports/event shirt).

Click here for the online uniform store.


What if I don't have a uniform yet? Don't fret. Just wear a blue or gray shirt (school colors) and let Mr. T know at

Students must wear a face mask daily. Please see the handbook for guidelines.

How will I know what to do when I am learning at home?

All of our digital schedules with times and Zoom links will be organized in one central place.


When you come to this home page on September 16 at 9:00 AM, you will be able to access The Switchboard. You will follow the directions. Teachers will demonstrate how to use this home page on September 16.

So I will have 2 separate logins?


You will use your email to access all things 442, including Gmail, Drive, Google Classroom, and Mastery Connect.

You will use your DOE account to sign into Zoom.

Please write down your login info for both accounts! Label the first "442 Business" and the second "Zoom."

Will students use lockers?

Students will not have access to lockers when we begin this fall.  Please review your student's schedule the night before school to ensure they have only the necessary items with them for the day.

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