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Remote learning homepage

Welcome to the Remote Learning Homepage. Here, you will find everything for our transition to the remote learning format. If you need support during this time, please reach out to our parent coordinator, Maria Egan, at

This is where you will find everything you need in order to participate in your digital classes. Click here every day.

This is Noreen and Jason's letter introducing our Remote Learning Plan. Available in English and Spanish.

Updated 4/21. Here, you can find a list of each person's email address.

Additional Resources

The Latest Updates

Last update was May 11, 2020 – Please read the update below from your family at MS 442.

Letter to families about Parent Teacher Conferences, Grading, Google Meet vs Zoom (May 11)

Letter to families about DoE grading policy, remote learning, and attendance. (May 4)

Nest Parent Webinar

See this flyer from the NYU Nest Support Project about their next parent meeting.

Special education

The Chancellor's Office has posted a letter explaining special education supports and services (dated April 15, 2020) to the NYC DOE website. See the link above for access to this letter. It is the first bullet point under Additional Resources. If you have concerns related to special education supports and services, please contact your IEP case manager or the parent coordinator.


Last, we want to thank all our kids and their parents for their continued support and engagement during this time. Our school community has many gifts to offer!

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